Monday, September 15, 2008

[Firefox] How to uninstall swfdec and use regular Adobe Shockwave Flash plugin instead

Swfdec has a tendency to cause flash movies to display as blank (black) on Firefox. Here's a solution to remove it.

The preferred way of removing the Swfdec is to open up the "Synaptic Package Manager", search for "Swfdec" and then remove "libswfdec-x.x-xx" and "swfdec-mozilla".
Now search for "flashplugin-nonfree" and install it. This should get flash running using the Adobe Shockwave flash plugin.

If the above did not work, try this:
  • Write "about:config" in address bar and click enter.
  • Change "plugin.expose_full_path" to "true".
  • Write "about:plugins" in address bar and click enter.
  • In the "Shockwave Flash" part of the page you should now be able to see the full path name to the "" file.
  • Remove the "" file from the path specified.
  • Remove the plugin database file. On my computer, it's located at: "~/.mozilla/firefox/z3tjq6i8.default/pluginreg.dat"
  • Now start firefox and browse to a location that contains flash files. I had problems playing the live feeds from here (click so why not try this to verify the installation.

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Unknown said...

Found this through google searching for help uninstalling swfdec from Moz on and Ubuntu Linux machine. the flash non-free makes YouTube videos look better than the swfdec plugin. I know its been about 9 months since your post but it helped my. Thank you.