Friday, August 29, 2008

ServerMonitor: Small Groovy scripts to easy monitor your servers health & WebPageIncludeGadget: Google gadget for including ServerMonitor on igoogle.

Two tools have been released:

1. ServerMonitor: Monitor the health of the services running on your server.
2. WebPageIncludeGadget: A google gadget to include a webpage (for example the ServerMonitor) on your igoogle main page.

Used together you get a pretty powerfull solution for people running igoogle, as you constantly get an update on how your services are running.

ServerMonitor can be downloaded from here.

To install ServerMonitor from:

- Tar archive, download archive, extract the files in a directory, run the script and follow the instructions.
- Source, download the source from the svn repository, run the script to compile and then run and follow the instructions.

WebPageIncludeGadget can be downloaded from here.
To install WebPageIncludeGadget, follow these instructions.

Enjoy, and please comment on it to allow me to improve the projects.

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